“Be polite to others, until they give you a reason not to be.
Be kind with people and property, until they give you reason not to be.
Compassion is an excuse to be hard, when you need it to be.
There is always a calm before a storm. You must be the calm. You must be the storm. And you must be the sunlight after the storm.”
— The Moat Group

Don’t unpack. Pull it out and put it back. Be ready to leave at a moments notice. “Vanish before you’re there.”

Sometimes that’s all you need. Nothing fancy. Just a pen, paper, and some magnification.

“When gear is celebrated over skill…you are in the wrong crowd. Mind over matter.”
— The Moat Group
“If death is imminent…
Never. Get. Caught. Alive. Ever.
— The Moat Group


I love tattoos.  If I truly had my way, I would have full sleeves.  But, there is a reason I don’t.  It’s the same reason I don’t cut my hair in a ‘non traditional’ (buzz, mohawk, etc) manner.

For what this information is worth…meaning…don’t be an idiot and use this info to avoid proper authorities….

Identifiers are used globally.  They are international.  They are interlingual.  You cannot escape them…unless you plan for it.  Identifiers are what is used to recognize you.  Digitally.  And physically.  We are going to talk about the physical.


Let’s say you are 5’9”.  Average build.  Dirty blonde, average hair cut.  All your teeth.  No tattoos.  No piercings.  No need for reading glasses.  Maybe some scruff, perhaps even a month old beard.  No physical inabilities (limp, etc), no obvious scars, etc.  You are pretty average.  Hard to distinguish from others.  Easy to blend it.  AND you have options.

Shaving the beard.  Getting some Just For Men for the hair (or beard).  Styling your hair differently.  Putting on some non prescription reading glasses.  Walk with a ‘swagger’ or limp.  A fake earring here or there.  Fake tats here or there.  You get the point.  You have options.  You are a blank canvas.  The trick is to always be able to go back to that ‘blank canvas’.

Think about your personal identifiers.  Is it your walk?  Your hair style?  Tats?  Glasses?  What never changes about your physical appearance?  Can you cover up tats?  Sure.  That’s an option.  But what it you have to take that shirt off?  What if you have to jump into water?  What if the tats are places your can’t cover up?  (hand, fingers, head, etc).  Same goes for piercings.  You can always take them out…but the hole is still there.

Now the flip side:

Looking for identifiers.  There are the obvious ones (what we have talked about above).  Now, for those of you who pursue individuals who are trying to hide… you’ve got to look beyond the exterior.

Lisps.  Speech impediments, twitches, nervous ticks, smaller details.  Preferable items (always ordering a specific kind of coffee/drink, etc.)  Habits.  Anger.  Compassion.  Things that are not so easily hidden.  Things that are molded to the inner character that cannot be changed overnight.

We have teams of analysts working around the clock, year after year, tracking the bad guys of the world.  Trust us, they aren’t just looking for the obvious.  A child can identify her mother or father in a crowd of people.  An analyst must identify someone they’ve never met (most of the time) in a crowd of millions.  And often from a desk.  Think about that.

Think about your identifiers.  Are they harmless?  Do they make you a target?  If you had too, could you change them?  

Food for thought.

Adventure - Be That Guy


Be That Guy.

The Skull Cave.  A representation of a lifestyle seeking adventure.  Exploring the unknown.  Possibly…even the dangerous.  But it’s not just the physical exploration.  The mental exploration as well.  Exploring a new idea, or researching a theory can be just as rewarding as exploring that unknown destination.  The locations may be different…a library, a desert, a coffee shop, a mountain ridge, the back porch, a boat off the coast of some uncharted island.

The point is…Be That Guy.  Be the one that stares something new, unknown, and yes, maybe even dangerous in face.  Take that first step into a bold newness.  Explore those unknown lands just as much as you explore new principles.  Read a new book just as much as you study a new map.  Get excited about expanding your knowledge just as much as you do about getting new gear.  

We all have our Skull Caves.  It’s a journey that never ends unless we allow it to end.  It’s that moving target.  That living idea.  It’s what makes you better.  Smarter.  

Find your Skull Cave.  Stand at the opening.  Stare in.  Take the first step towards something new.  And never look back.  Be That Guy.


Elk Scouting Trip


Took 2 days in field with a friend here in CO (martycombs5 on Instragram) and went on an Elk Scouting retreat.  We covered some ground and recon’d some great areas to hunt.  Below are a collection of pictures taken during the trip.  Photo cred goes out to Marty, he captured some great pics.


Kryptek Highlander was the camo of choice.  I think you will agree…that stuff just plain works great.  I have been on the fence in waiting to get a full kit up (head to toe) for the hunting season.  After this trip, after seeing the terrain and how well the pattern works…I am sold.




We used the HSP/Extreme Gear Labs VOCR/D3CR chest rigs as our hunting rigs.  I will post up a separate post on how we packed them for the hunt/scout.