On Assignment

Working down south this week (rather suddenly). Fear not, Criterion is all set to launch August 1st for those of you participating in it. As soon as the work load dies down we can get back to focusing on the blog and continuing our series.

(Running RPT’s….routes, poi’s (points of interest), and threats for Plan A, B, and C. “Plan D you ask? Just hit the self destruct button and watch the whole world burn.”

The Moat Group Motto

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Heading out to tackle a multipitch in the Eldorado Canyon today and thought it would be a great opportunity to dust off some gear and get back to testing them out/pushing their limitations.

The Arc’Teryx H150 Rigger Belt is a go to piece of kit for me when doing rope work (rappelling, climbing, rigging, etc.)  It’s a standard.  And arguably the best multipurpose TRUE riggers belt on the market.  The one challenge…finding pants that equally work well with it.

I may have just solved that challenge.  Triple Aught Design’s Covert RS pants and the Arc’Teryx H150 Riggers Belt.  The belt loops on the Covert RS holds the belt perfectly (for me).  Little to no shifting of the belt.  The belt loop placement is ideal for the H150, spacing is damn near perfect.

How it does on the rock and under a harness?  We will know in a few hours.  Thus far…I haven’t been this thrilled about gear pairing in awhile.  Remember…performance is key.  Finding what exactly works for the need/mission/action/etc vs what looks cool or doesn’t deliver on every aspect is crucial….especially when it comes to extreme or dangerous activities.  Moat Group Guidelines #11:  Support equipment should only support need, not dictate need

Triple Aught Design Visit - Final


What a weekend.  I know we’ve got lots to catch up on, Vehicle Works, Criterion, etc.  But I feel it is important to share with you guys how great of an event this weekend went with Triple Aught Design, LASR, SIRT, and Ballistic Radio.

In case you missed it, we all came together at TAD’s Dogpatch Base SF location to put on an educational and competitive shooting event utalizing the SIRT and LASR technology.  The event, in my mind, was a huge success.



New shooters and experienced shooters alike were able to gather in one venue and run through the same drills, yet each group took something different away from each.

We took time to educate the newer shooters on safety, fundamentals, and also get them to see how much fun shooting sports can be.



Competition shooters got to test their limits and push each other for leaderboard slots to win some awesome Triple Aught Design swag…and when I say awesome…I mean, someone walked away with a Stealth Hoodie LT.  Yeah.



The LASR software worked great.  Better than expected and sure blew me away.  It is a great interface and they are continuing to improve it.  Check out below pics of how the software functions and how it made for a great training tool.




In the off hours I worked with the TAD team on ideas, played with prototypes, and enjoyed great conversation about adventure, off roading, racing, shooting, gear, etc.  New friendships were molded.  Every morning started early and every night ended late.


If this looks like something you’d be intersted in, be sure to check out Triple Aught Designs webpage (www.tripleaughtdesign.com) and check out their CORE program.

In the end, the collaboration we shared was incredible and exhilarating.  Look for more news regarding Moat and Triple Aught Design in the future.  We have some great ideas in the works.

Triple Aught Design Visit - Status Update 1


I arrived in San Francisco yesterday to visit with Triple Aught Design and to assist with a shooting challenge event that they are putting on at their Dogpatch Base SF location.

The environment here is intoxicating.  Brett (TAD CEO) picked me up at the airport and we drove straight to the offices.  Upon walking in, I am greeted with an enormous amount of raw materials, prototypes, designs, and a tight knit group of hard working folks doing various actions from designing new product, working on the TAD website, creating the Newsletter, etc.

After introductions and spending some time looking at new products, studying prototypes, and sharing some ideas we headed down to the showroom to start working.  The shooting challenge that is being put on Saturday is going to be amazing.  With TAD, Ballistic Radio, SIRT, and LASR at the helm, it is bound to be one to remember.

Hope you guys can make it out.  Will continue to update when I can.

Know your digital environment.

Triple Aught Design Visit

Tomorrow I head out for San Fransisco, CA to visit with my new friends at Triple Aught Design for the weekend.

Saturday July 19th from 1pm to 7pm we will be putting on a little firearms training/competition event in the classrooms of TAD’s Dogpatch Base SF location.  If you are in the area you should swing by, participate, and hang out.  It’s bound to be a great time filled with good company and good conversation.

I hope to live update the blog a few times while I am visiting, but you know how that goes.  Keep an eye on our social media outlets (FB & Instagram) as I am sure there will be a few updates there.

Looking forward to seeing all those that can make it.

Vehicle Works - Packing and Organization

Packing and organization are key aspects of vehicle preparation, movement, and security that is very often overlooked.  Remember…travel light, fast, and always know where you are going.

This applies to almost all walks of life operating in and around vehicles. 

For example, let’s say you have your kids in the car and you find yourselves in the middle of a natural disaster or simply, a really bad storm.  For safety, you decide to park and exit the vehicle to get into a sturdy structure.  Now, you have to grab the kids.  Let’s say one is diabetic, so you need to grab his/her medicine.  Another child has had an accident in their clothes due to the excitement/fear of the situation.  You will have to grab materials to fix that challenge.  Another one is perhaps screaming for their blanket.  etc. etc. 

These are all materials you will need to get in order to solve specific challenges.  The question is, where are these materials?  Are they separated and thrown about the car?  Are they all organized neatly in specific bags/pouches?  Are they accessible from within the vehicle or are they in the trunk or on the roof rack?

Getting organized and having specific bags/pouches/places for specific items SAVES TIME.  Next comes, how you organize them.  If you have 5 neatly packed bags with various needed items in each bag….you will have to carry 5 bags.  Can you condense?  Can you get down to say, 3 bags?  Can the bags be worn on your back?  Across your shoulder?  etc.  Can other carry the bags?  Do the bags hinder movement when worn?

These are all things one needs to think about when packing and organizing the vehicle.  The same theory applies to medical supplies or emergency kits.  Can they be accessed easily and quickly?  Can they be deployed or carried with ease?

What if you are in a bad car accident.  The vehicle is upside down and you are barely conscious.  A by-standard runs up to see if you are OK.  You are losing blood fast.  The by-standard has no medical supplies or experience.  Can you tell them where your kit is?  Can you then tell them what you need and where it is in the kit?  If you completely black out, can they figure it out themselves?  (Not necessarily the medical techniques but more so, where the bandages are in the kit, etc.)

It’s these potential instances where packing and organization while on the move make all the difference in the world.  We could literally name an untold amount of events to support this, but you should have a good understanding at this point.

Remember…travel light, fast, and always know where you are going.  With any problem solving situation, knowing WHAT you have, HOW you can use it, and WHERE it is….SAVES TIME.  TIME IS LIFE.